Mission & Vision


  • Winmax's mission is to combine high-quality technology to the unique topography of Morbi and the resiliency of the company founders with a constant attention to the environment, while motivating artistic beauty to improve upon the finest quarry materials.


  • Winmax’s vision is to be a versatile tile company while catering to not just Indian but also to a global aesthetic sense and demand for high quality tiles.


  • Manufacture with heart and balance
  • Don’t cheat the customer
  • Work as a team


  • Modena kiln firing technology
  • Digital technology from Spain
  • Full fledged research and development
  • Best raw material
  • Imported glazes and links from Spain

Happy Clients

Project complete


Export Country

Export Coverage

Currently exports to over 10 major countries serving 15 clients with an export turnover of US$ 4.2 million. The countries are..

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